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Which gauge datum is used?

To avoid confusion, the levels provided here are consistent with the real-time data on the Bureau of Meteorology website.

Flood levels in technical flood reports, such as the Richmond River Flood Mapping Study, are presented in a standard datum known as the Australian Height Datum (AHD). If you need to compare results from these reports with historical information at particular stream gauge locations, the following conversions are recommended:

  • Casino Telemetric Gauge (Queen Elizabeth Park): add 5.02 to gauge height to get metres AHD.
  • Coraki: subtract 0.815 from gauge height to get metres AHD.
  • Bungawalbyn Junction: subtract 0.809 from gauge height to get metres AHD.
  • Woodburn: subtract 0.7 from gauge height to get metres AHD.
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Bungawalbyn Junction
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